We let a professional germ buster sweep our office for pathogens

WHEN a professional germ buster offered to sweep the office for pathogens, I’ll admit I was pretty nervous.

Like many journos, I have been known to eat at my desk while typing frantically, and I’m aware that this is not the most hygienic of practices.

I’d like to say I give my keyboard a regular scrub with antibacterial wipes, but in reality it’s about once a month.

But curiosity got the better of me, so I accepted EarthEcco cleaning company founder Jake Tyson’s offer to give his fancy germ-detecting machine an official tour.

Who would have the filthiest desk at Would it be one of our burger-loving reporters, a member of the product team or a well-manicured sales exec?

In order to make the challenge as fair as possible — and ensure my colleagues didn’t cheat by doing some last minute spring cleaning — I put up a bottle of wine as the prize for the dirtiest workspace.

Here’s how it played out.

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